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          1. Nitto is proud to be the title sponsor for the Nitto ATP Finals, the season ending finale of the ATP Tour. This exciting event will be held in London and will feature the world’s best eight qualified singles players and doubles teams as they battle it out for the last title of the year.

            Nitto prides itself in finding innovative ideas, and is excited to support an event that shares its passion for taking on challenges. Nitto believes that athletics are like its business strategy – both aim for the top their field.

            Celebrating its 100th Anniversary in October 2018, Nitto is making a new start for the next century. Nitto will continue to make strides as a global company through the sponsorship of the “Nitto ATP Finals” and continually challenge to inspire the world and create new value. Global growth helps create innovation with customers around the world.

            Adam Hogg


            Featured Coverage Event Director Mr. Adam Hogg Exclusive Interview

            Nitto ATP Finals Path of Innovatio

            Featured Coverage Event Director Mr. Adam Hogg Exclusive Interview

            Nitto ATP Finals Path of Innovation

            “Transforming the sports world with
            innovative challenges”
            Adam Hogg, Event Director,
            discusses Nitto ATP Finals path of

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            The Nitto ATP FINALS has excited tennis fans around the world with various innovations that aren’t bound to the traditions and customs of tennis.

            Event Director Adam Hogg, who has worked behind the scenes of this spectacular event, talks about the evolution and innovations of the tournament.

            The four innovation points are presented in a special movie.

            Click HERE to read an article for more detailsClick HERE to read an article for more details


            Activities at
            the Nitto ATP Finals

            CSR Activities

            COVID-19 Prevention (Mask Donation)

            Nitto donated 8000 face masks to ATP, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to support the safe tournament operations.

            Nitto ATPファイナルズ オリジナルマスク

            Charities through the Nitto ATP Finals

            At Nitto ATP Finals, Nitto conducts CSR activities to support all children who are challenging for the future.
            Nitto invited the children and their families who are confronting illness, and hospital staff to watch the game. In addition, we cooperated in activities of organizations that support children around the world through initiatives by Nitto Group employees and fundraising activities at the sponsor booths.

            Fan Experience

            image image

            Up until now, Nitto has set up a sponsor booth at the tounament venue to experience
            Nitto's Innovation and carried out various planning.

            Every year, many tennis fans come to our booth to get interested in
            Nitto and to create memories of Nitto ATP Finals.