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            In Focus

            To sustain Nitto’s growth

            Message from the President

            Building a Resilient Corporate Structure Immune to External Environments in an Effort to Simultaneously Solve Social Issues and Create Economic Value through Business

            Though we are living in a time of great uncertainty, the Nitto Group is determined to build a new platform for growth within the coming three years. While devoting our management resources to growth fields, we will also be streamlining less-efficient businesses. COVID-19 has brought about a myriad of unprecedented challenges, but we should turn the tables and take the opportunity that this crisis presents to further enhance our corporate resilience.

            Over the mid- and long-term, we will accelerate ESG-oriented management to enhance our corporate value. At the same time, we will provide the world with products and solutions that benefit the global environment and society while simultaneously solving social issues and creating economic value through the promotion of business activities. The Mission of our Corporate Philosophy reads, "Contribute to customers' value creation with innovative ideas." True to this, we have been making continuous efforts to create value from the perspective of customers. Going forward, we believe it crucial for us to keep taking on challenges to realize a sustainable future, always striving to improve the well-being of our stakeholders by extending the definition of customers to include the global environment, humankind, and society in general, instead of catering only to the customers before us now. We establish a long-term vision that includes the Nitto Group as it should be. To make this happen, we are taking a backcasting approach to bring clarity to what we should be doing now.

            Board Member
            President, CEO&COO

            髙﨑 秀雄

            PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Recognition Scheme

            The Nitto Group has come up with a new recognition scheme for products that are friendly to the environment and human life. We showcase the positive contributions that our products and services make for planet Earth and human life and recognize those with a particularly high level of contributions by attaching “PlanetFlags” or “HumanFlags,” in an effort to embody “Co-creating value through innovation,” one approach of our material issues for sustainability.

            PlanetFlags/HumanFlags and Material Issues for Sustainability

            PlanetFlags/HumanFlags Certified Products